Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Our little bonus baby- Another beautiful gift from above!

"Every good and perfect gift is from above coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like the shifting shadows"- James 1-17
As soon as our daughter Adhya was born we were  one super excited parents...documenting her every gesture from sounds that she made to her first words, her smile etc. Both of us were fighting to carry her, be with her to be her favorite.
Probably that’s when God and the angles above thought that "before they tear this child apart it’s time to give them another one" or put in other words could be that there were so many people praying for us that that the prayers were more than enough for one child or to put it in in a totally different way when you are not trying too hard charting your dates and counting your cycles and associating every move and gesture to baby making it simply happens! Yes 9 months after Adhya was born it happened again we got to see two pink lines on a pregnancy test once again!! And no matter to what people thought for me it was yet another beautiful gift from god and my sincere prayer was “ God please this time I need a boy (not that I did not want another girl but I just wanted one of each) and give me the strength and wisdom to raise them both as your children” .

Alan George born 18months and three days after his sister Adhya, was our bonus baby. A bonus bundle to cuddle and kiss not only for adhya but also for the two of us. Believe me I was not very confident when I saw those pink lines again on the pregnancy test I was freaking out , I was in denial (telling myself that it could be some left over hormones in my system), I feared I was not being fair to Adhya. I was overcome by so much of guilt but all this vanished away when away adhya kept hugging my tummy saying allu vava (that’s what she called him). To tell the truth actually a little bit of all this fear is kind of still hidden inside me.

The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps-proverbs 16:9

Alan , Alan , Alan true to his name Alan was cute and happy baby from the beginning always smiling all he needed was three things food, mummy and his big sister. Growing up I had an older sister and many cousins majority of who were girls and very few boys. So I was more used to the lady folk and personally was not fond of baby boys because they are very mischievous hitting and pulling your hair and breaking things. So when Alan was born my husband asked if I was sure if I knew how to raise a boy child. He was the first grandson in my family! I was not sure what to say..I just smiled and let it pass. I am not sure if the rules of raising a boy were any different.  True to my heart I have not showed any difference between both my children. 

Alan is one mischievous little boy he has all the habits that I dread about little boys. But he has the best smile and hug in whole wide world that can cure anything. Alan is also one huge bundle of energy –dancing, twirling, running, spinning, climbing and racing his toy cars. Loves his sister the most and his first words were “ada” (for adhya) and now very sweetly calls her chechi..(sister in Malayalam) and follows her around everywhere even to the toilet and is a true copy cat of his sister.

Adhya and Alan are made for each other. She is his teacher, his boss, and his big sister. He is her world and so is his too. No matter how much he bites, pinches, pulls her hair or even breaks her toys she would never ever trade him for anything in this world. I say this because I have witnessed her defend him with a fiery passion even to my husband and me. And its very difficult to scold him or punish him for his little naughtiness because you have to deal with the big sister first. I feel so blessed to have got such beautiful children that sometimes I pinch myself to see if it were a dream. Looking at back at all those years when I use to long to long for a child of my own I am thankful that today my hands are full.  I am so thankful for the laughter that fills my home and heart with joy. And would never mind repeating this a million times that there is one to whom we ought to give thanks, but perhaps even more so, there is one who will receive our thanks.

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