Thursday, November 21, 2013

Beef Curry (Kerala Style)

Beef curry is an all time favourite of Christians in Kerala. Easter, Christmas, Weddings or any special occasion would not be complete without beef dishes. Its an all rounder dish that can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. My dad and sister love beef, when my dad visited us in the US his first question was : " ivide nalla beef kittumo" because he was sure that in US you will get fresh beef. He thoroughly enjoyed his stay and his beef. I am an avid beef lover too love roast beef sandwiches. My husband is ok with beef but his favourite is always pork!. Both my children are meat eaters and they love it. I am sorry if I have offended any vegetraian friends but we are a huge carnivorous family! Don't get me wrong. I love my fruits and veggies -cakes and cookies too-but i also like meat!

Coming back to the Nadan (Kerala style) Beef Curry and talking about meat , no matter which meat you cook, the spices and masala's can only enhance the flavour of the meat and not the meat itself . Therefore its very essentially that you get fresh and good meat. Unfortunately I have no tips on selecting good meat just that I personally feel its better to buy meat at your local butcher shop than from the frozen isle in the supermarket. Todays recipe is about a spicy and finger licking Kerala style beef curry often served with kalappam or palappam or kappa(tapioca). Its an excellent combination with rice and kachimoru too.Her's the recipe for Nadan style Beef Curry. Recipe source: My Mom.

Beef Curry (Kerala Style) Recipe


Notes :
  • If you are not interested to grind the masala fresh you can substitute with 1tsp of store bought gram masala. Although  fresh ground masala enhances the taste and is the best.

  • You can also use tomatoes. I don't as we don't like the taste of tomatoes in our beef curry.

  • I cook the beef without any extra  water in the pressure cooker. And adjust the consistency of the gravy with hot water later if required..

  • You can add tomatoes also but its totally optional.

  • Coconut oil  for tempering is optional you can use regular cooking oil but coconut oil enhances the flavour of the dish


  1. Shibi how I miss beef Curry. A Syrian mallu away from beef!!! Thanks for the recipe shibi.


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