Welcome to Eleventeen Recipes and counting authored by me, shibi.  Elevnteen recipes??!!!  A funny name isn’t it. Eleventeen is my 32 month olds current favourite number that keeps popping up every time she counts! And like every other bloggers quest for the prefect name for their blog I was thinking why not eleventeen recipes and counting…..

 I am a full time home maker cooking, feeding, cleaning and having a roll with my two little toddlers aged 32 (Adhya ) and 14(Alan) months  old and husband Saji George .  I from Ranny, Kerala born and brought up in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and married to a typical achayan from Kottayam Kerala. Currently living in Singapore where the diversity of food is one the main reasons to visit the country. I am not a great cook but i am a passionate cook. My passion for cooking started from my childhood days sitting in the kitchen balcony studying and watching my mother cook. My mother had a full time job and still cooked every single meal.  I adore my mom and her food. I also enjoyed watching cookery shows on doordarshan and sometimes our mom would let us experiment something that we saw on TV.

I started cooking when I was in Allahabad on my very first job as a teaching assistant. I use to make lunch but for dinner I always ended up at Lysamma aunty’s house. She is one of the best cooks I ever met. My real stint with cooking started after I got married and by God’s grace everything that I cooked even for the first time turned out really well! And after all these years the one who has sustained my passion for cooking is my husband who religiously eats everything that I cook as if it was  his last meal and says licking his fingers “ najan nine nerthae ketanmaarinu  J: translation “ I should have married you earlier” . And that’s all  I need to make my day and my two little angles seem to be following their father’s footsteps J J.

The kitchen is the beating heat of our home. In my kitchen you will find traditional Syrian Christian recipes, we are non-vegetarians but we also have a fair share of vegetables as well.  I love north Indian food and after my stay in Allahabad my love for north Indian food has only increased. Pregnant or not I love tangy flavours especially chats. I was introduced to grilling and baking during my stay in Los Angeles.   And I totally enjoy baking. I believe in eating healthy a lesson learned from my pregnancy!  And I love to make things from the scratch rather than the store bought ready to use stuff. I have lived in three countries (India, Singapore, and USA) and along the way picked up new methods and ingredients to cook and experiment with. This is all about food, a little this and that about my two super naughty little brats, love, friends and nourishment of both the physcial and spiritual kind.
Blogging and photography is something totally new to me and so far it has been quite time consuming .  So please bear with me as I am still learning to master it. Thank you for visiting my blog I'd love to hear from you, post your comments or shoot me an email with any questions at eleventeenrecipesandcounting@gmail.com .


  1. I love the typical achayan frm koyttayam part..... and njan ninne neratee kettendadayirunnu :) waiting to see any try more recipes.

  2. Chechi... So touched by your mention about Mamma... She is humbled by your gesture! She wishes you the very best!! So happy for you!! :)

  3. WoW! Interesting blog Shibi! Love your pictures ... Wish you all the very best :) I love your blog name!
    Hope to see more from you.


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Hello, Welcome to Eleventeen Recipes and counting authored by me, Shibi. This blog is an outlet to share my love for food, cooking and clicking. It includes a collection of traditional recipes from my mom, mother-in-law, sister and friends kitchens, and a few from cook books, other food blogs, and a few of my own experiments. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome. Thank you.