Friday, November 22, 2013

Mathiyum Manghayum Peera Pattichatu (Sardine and raw mango curry)

Keralites are fond of their fish from the ever famous Kerala fish fry to the fiery red Meen curry; malayalyees have umpteen ways to cook fish. This is because of Kerala’s long coastline, numerous rivers and backwaters, and strong fishing industry. And mathi (sardines) are a favorite among malayales. I haven’t come across any malayalee who feels otherwise.  Sardines are totally smelly and the whole house starts to smell once you cook them but once you start eating you just can’t stop  with one (to h#*  with the smell ! ).

Today’s recipe is about Mathiyum Manghayum Peera Pattichathu aka Sardine and Raw mangoes cooked in coconut. We never use to find Mathi in the US and I use to crave for it, in Singapore it’s easily available. I always bring home a huge pile when I see them at Mustafa these days. My mom makes meen peera pathichathu with netholi meen which is my favourite. This recipe is my mother in law’s she adds raw mangoes instead of the Kodumpulli. And it tastes just awesome. If you love mathi (saridnes) like we do then this is a must try recipe. And today's lunch at home has Mathiyum Mangayum Peera Pattichathu with thakkkali curry, payar (Long beans) thoran and choru.

Happy Friday Everyone!!

Mathiyum Mangayum Peera Pattichathu Recipe:


  • If the mango is sour you don’t need to add the kudampuli, I added kudampuli as the mango that I used was not sour
  • If you don't have a meen chatti/earthen pot you can make it any vessel of your choice just be sure to add twice the amount of water and cook on reduced flame.

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