Friday, April 19, 2013

Kappa and Meen Curry - A Thank God its Friday Post (TGIF) !


One day at work while in the US, I got this email about a TGIF event in the department. It sounded like a party but for what?  then one of my colleagues said TGIF meant Thank God its Friday (TGIF) !
Meaning every 1st Friday of the month was just dedicated to food and socializing. I was reluctant to go being the shy me but the smell of the ham burgers grilling was irresistible. And there I was a few hours later biting into the juicy hamburgers and giggling away with some new friends I just made.
And so the American tradition of a TGIF found its way into our house too. Hmm ...a TGIF at home but without friends no way ...Well we did not have a huge gang of friends but just one set of very good friends who enjoyed each others company. The men and booze on one side and the women gossiping away on the other brought together by some nice delicious home cooked finger licking food. Ashy, Dinakar and little Pranav our Friday's here in Singapore are not the same with out you guys. Miss you all so much :(
To talk about todays post Kappa (tapioca) and Meen(fish) curry needs no introduction to a malayali. This one dish that every malayali drools over. To the not so malayalis out there its tapioca cooked along with coconut and its mostly eaten with a fiery red fish curry. And being a malayali in Chennai my parents always brought back bags of this root every time we visited Kerala. Not that you don't get them in Chennai but just that they are very found of the variety that grows in Kerala. Growing up I was not very found of kappa but over a period of time and being married to an achayan not sure when but now its one of my favourite foods.



Kappa Recipe :


Meen Curry (A Spicy Authentic Kerala Fish curry)

Coming to kappa's best combo ever the Meen curry a.k.a Meen vattichathu/pathichathu is one dish that is very native to kerala. And this is something that hubby dear cant live without!! And my darling tots love fried fish, so fish is something that is always on our menu. Meen curry is  traditionally cooked in an earthen pot and with an essential natural ingredient called kudampulli. Apart from giving the fish curry its unique taste Kudampuli is also known for its medicinal value. Don't worry if you don't have any Kudampuli you can always cook the fish with regular tamarind and it pairs well with rice too.

Meen Curry Recipe:

Notes :

  •  Take care not to burn the kappa once you add the coconut mixture as you have drained all the water keep a close watch.
  • For the fish curry you can use any type of firm fish. I have used yellow tail fusilier.
  • The fish curry is best had after a few hours when all the spices have flavoured the meat.

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