Growing up with Adhya and Alan

This page is dedicated to my two little munchkins without whom my life would have never been the same. A little this and that about being a mommy of two super active toddlers their developments, milestones, and a thing or two that they teach me every day.  A page also about giving thanks to HIM. I do not want to be overbearing or pushy in my blog about religion or give tips on parenting but I do want to share some of the helpful things I have learned.

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Hello, Welcome to Eleventeen Recipes and counting authored by me, Shibi. This blog is an outlet to share my love for food, cooking and clicking. It includes a collection of traditional recipes from my mom, mother-in-law, sister and friends kitchens, and a few from cook books, other food blogs, and a few of my own experiments. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome. Thank you.