Saturday, October 19, 2013

Egg Masala Stuffed Buns

I just got back from an amazing (I would like to call it a SUCCESSFUL !! explanation to flow ) vacation with my family. A vacation that was filled with beautiful and pristine beaches in Krabi Thailand.   Both Adhya and Alan are beach freaks so this vacation was all for them.  Successful because we survived the almost 2 hour flight , 4 days and 3 nights filled with hot sunny beaches, nauseous speed boat rides, city tours and elephant rides with our two toddlers with almost no problems at all.
My two pumpkins were such darlings and enjoyed themselves to the most. This was our first vacation with kids and I am happy that it went well.

Although I had planned this blog post before I went for our vacation I was unable to post it on time. So this weeks post is about Egg Masala Stuffed Buns . I use to make these buns with chicken and recently started making them with egg. I am a big fan of Egg masala love them with rice or roti. And these stuffed buns are perfect for tea or as a snack for a picnic. They are super soft buns with just the right amount of spice and egg that truly is a  mouthful of deliciousness that you will keep coming back for more. Its definitely healthier that the egg puff  or curry puff (savoury puff pastry) as these super soft buns have no butter in them at all.  

Egg Masala Stuffed Buns Recipe:

For the Egg Masala :


For making the Buns:


  • Care should be taken not to burn the egg masala if its too dry you can add about 1 tbsp. of water .
  • The proportions for the masala can be varied according to ones spice level.
  • For making the dough I did not use all of the 1 cup of water so add with care and allow the dough to rest in a warm place.
  • I used instant dry yeast.
  • I used a mixture of canola and olive oil for making the buns you can use either of the two if you don't wish to mix.


  1. Wow! Looks perfect & delish! I'm going to try this... Which type of yeast did you use Instant or Active dry?

  2. I used instant if you are using active dry you may need to proof it first ...

  3. hi, what is the volume of your measuring cup


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