Friday, September 27, 2013

Chakka Kuru Manga Curry / Jackfruit Seeds And Raw Mango Curry

A friend and reader of the blog made my day yesterday!! She uploaded photographs of the dishes she prepared following my recipes from the blog on Facebook. I was so overjoyed when I saw the pictures. Thank You for your support Sangeetha Sreeekumar.

I have seen all these well-established blogs having so many readers commenting and uploading pictures of the recipes they have tried from the blog. When I initially started blogging I always wondered will anyone take the time to read my post or even try my recipes out when there are a million food blogs already. A lot of support from friends and family made me going and such boost from friends gives all the energy that you need. I am not sure who said that “I blog for fun and not followers” however I beg to differ.

Today’s post is about another traditional curry from Kerala. It’s called chakka kuru manga curry aka jack fruit seeds and raw mango curry. Jack fruit seeds are my favourite especially chakka kuru mezuparatti (stir fry). And we always pack a bag of chakka kuru to bring along from Kerala. However these jack fruit seeds I bought them from a vegetable vendor in Little India, Singapore. This chakka kuru manga curry is my mom‘s recipe. It’s a tang and spicy curry cooked in coconut sauce with the jack fruit seeds adding the special flavour and its best eaten along with rice and some fried fish. So here is the recipe for yet another traditional Kerala dish.

Chakka Kuru (jack fruits seeds) Manga (raw mangoes) Curry Recipe:



Notes :

  1. The mangoes that I used were quite sour hence I used less you can adjust the amount of mangoes according to taste.
  2. After adding the coconut paste adjust the consistency of the curry it should not be too watery and do not let the curry boil for too long the coconut and water will separate.

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