Friday, July 26, 2013

TGIF: Mini Calzone/Pizza Pockets


The first time I had pizza was during my school days it was this super yummy homemade bread pizza at a friend’s place. Even after all these years I still remember how it tasted. As I have mentioned earlier in the blog that my baking spree started during my stay in Los Angeles. And one of the first savoury bakes that I made was a bread pizza.
It was this super easy tea time snack that I have fed to most of my guest. And a few months back a friend of ours while eating my bread pizza asked me if I knew to make the real pizza. That made me think: why haven’t I tried to make a pizza from scratch..?. It happens sometimes that you are so stuck to one recipe that you fail to improvise or go back to the basics on it. So I got hold of a pizza dough recipe I am not sure form where, and with a few tries and a little tweaking a perfect pizza dough was born soft, springy and delicious. This dough was perfect for making thin crust and deep dish pizzas.
But a eating a pizza was quite a challenge for my toddlers who mostly ate only the cheese or the toppings and took few bites of the crust. So I thought of making the pizzas into a calzone (a fold over pizza) it was perfect for a toddlers wriggly hands and my husband loved it to. Speaking of my husband of late he has been advertising my blog and makes it a point that whenever he speaks with a friend he tells them to visit my blog or like the Facebook page. It happened so one day that he told one of his colleagues that I make good pizzules!?!! He’s christened the calzone as pizzules for some unknown reason. Well pizzules or calzones or pizza pockets (as my toddlers call it) no matter what you call it they are absolutely delicious you can stuff them with your choice of vegetables and cheese also I personally feel that calzones do not need so much of cheese as a pizza. I love using pineapples in my calzones unfortunately I did not have any while making these. So go ahead try this this super easy recipe this weekend.
Happy Friday everyone !

Mini Calzone recipe:


  • The dough does not need much kneading instead of rolling them into individual circles you can roll the entire dough and cut them out.
  • You can serve the calzones with a side of sauce of your choice.
  • For the pizza sauce I used hunts tomato , oregano and basil sauce (our personal favourite).
  • I highly recommend pineapples in the calzone if you happen to like the fruit.

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