Friday, July 19, 2013

Rainbow cake

Parenting is tough! First you have to survive your baby’s childhood then the unmistakably difficult terrible twos. Although I was introduced to the terrible twos by my darling daughter Adhya I never knew that the mood changes and tantrums and I becoming frustrated over all this were actually a part of a toddler’s developmental characterization often called as the terrible twos. It’s also said that once your toddler turns three you hope for smoother sailing …
Adhya turned three this month I don’t know when this smooth sailing is going to start is it the day she turn three or few days later I am not sure. But if you ever had a conversation with a three year old you will know. They can be very persistent, demanding and super smart.
Our daughter Adhya is all this and more she has too much personality, too much charm, too much mischief and much more persistence but just right for us! Adhya’s persistence can be overwhelming sometimes she can keep asking about something until she gets it and nowadays she reasons out why she thinks she needs it. Its fun to hear her reasoning sometimes which I am sure is also her charm because she almost always has her way with me.

Today’s post Rainbow cake is actually because of Adhya. It happened one morning when I asked Adhya what cake she wanted for her 3rd birthday and instantaneously she said “rainbow cake “. And without a second thought I said rainbow cake it is. Then when I googled I found quite a few recipes for a rainbow cake and most of them were covered in fondant. I have experimented with marzipan but never with fondant. Then I remembered that my sister gave me a recipe for a simple marshmallow fondant recipe so I decided to make the rainbow cake for Adhya’s birthday celebration at school. And then when I shared my idea with my husband he was quite reluctant he said it wasn’t a good idea to feed a bunch of three year olds so much of colour and sugar. And I did not want to be blamed for the rainbow coloured “poop”. So I dropped the idea but the rainbow cake was not out of Adhya’s head and every time I was in the kitchen she would ask “mama are u making the rainbow cake? Can I see too?” At last I decided to make the rainbow cake not to feed a bunch of three year old’s but to feed and experiment with my very own!
Here goes a recipe for a Rainbow cake which is layers of soft sponge and pineapple cream cheese frosting covered in yummy marshmallow fondant. The verdict : the cake was delicious I faced quite a few problems with the super sticky marshmallow fondant(my first attempt) and I don’t think I am very good at modelling even though I did not make any fondant figures and whatever I made was quite basic. Although the work was a bit untidy it definitely looked like a rainbow to my three year old as I could see her eyes grow bigger with excitement the moment she saw it. And the true verdict was when Adhya ate a piece and I asked her if she liked it she came straight to me hugs me and says “mummy you are the best kitchen-maker ever “. “Kitchen-maker!!!” wonder where she got the word from but it definitely made my dayJ. And I don’t mind if she has something called terrible 3 or terrible 4 coming up because there has’nt been a single day in the last three years that she hasn’t brought joy, laughter and so much love into our lives. I hope and pray that you are always as sweet ,loving, funny, unique, confident and magnetic as you are today.

Sponge cake recipe :

Marshmallow fondant recipe:

Pineapple cream cheese frosting recipe:

To assemble the cake :

Notes :

  • If you are making the sponge a day ahead once cool tightly cling wrap and refrigerate.
  • As I said the marshmallows were quite sticky, use as much as powered sugar for kneading and rolling.
  • If  the fondant becomes too dry microwave again for a few seconds and knead again.
  • Once the cake is covered in frosting refrigerate for a few hours before covering in fondant.
  • I used fresh pineapple and less sugar in the frosting, if you prefer more sweet taste you can do that by adding 1/2 confectioners sugar.
  • I used Kraft marshmallows and  cream cheese (65% less fat).

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