Thursday, July 11, 2013

Swiss Roll Ice Cream Bombe

July is a month of birthdays at home, two of the most important birthdays fall in the month of July. Both dad and daughter not only share the same month but almost share the same day. I made this Swiss roll ice cream cake bombe for Adhya’s third birthday. We celebrated Adhya’s first two birthdays with a big party and cute little customized favours but this year’s celebration was low key as she would be celebrating her birthday at school too.
I had decided on Adhya’s birthday cake a long time ago after reading a blog post. The recipe called for a roulade more often called as Swiss roll in this part of the world. I was very reluctant or rather less confident to make a Swiss roll as I have never made one. Will it roll into a roll what if it doesn’t and to add to all my uncertainties about making one I was so tempted to go and buy one from the numerous pastry shops that offer different varieties of swiss roll. In the original recipe everything was made from scratch even the ice cream how I wish I could do that. Anyway I have no worries even though only 20% of the cake had my original/ homemade touch, since I was doing all the cooking myself for the party I don’t think I could have managed the "from the scratch" tag for the ice cream cake. Well as I said no worries because everything else that I cooked for the day including the including the ice cream cake came out really well. Let me just get this humble brag out the way now and get to the recipe

This is a super easy short cut recipe for an ice cream  bombe to impress your kids and friends alike. And the main highlight of the recipe is the strawberry curd that I made added a personal touch to the cake. Believe me the strawberry curd was just yum (ee) I could not stop myself from licking the left over’s from the bowl. And the interesting part is that this gorgeous strawberry curd can be used as a spread, filling or as a sauce. Both the strawberry babies the birthday girl and her little brother absolutely loved the ice cream cake and dug into the strawberry curd first and thoroughly relished every bit of the cake and came back asking for more!

Strawberry curd recipe :

Swiss roll ice cream bombe recipe:

 Notes :

  • The remaining strawberry curd you can store in air tight jars. 
  • I used a spring foam to assemble the bombe you can use a glass bowl as per the original recipe.


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