Friday, June 7, 2013

Rava Upma

Rava upma is one of my favourite breakfast dishes. Its simple yet rich flavour can brighten up your day
. Its one of the traditional breakfast dishes in the south however in Kerala the texture of the upma is very different. In Chennai upma is quite gooey soft and moist where as in kerala they make it quite dry and fluffy. Like I have said before I was born and brought up in Chennai and the upma that mom made was some where between the two consistencies. Well might be its the Chennai roots I simply love soft gooey upma and  upma sprinkled with some sugar is just heavenly and I still eat it that way!
However for my husband upma has to be dry super dry and fluffy ! If I did serve him some gooey upma he always used to tease me saying that "we mallus do not eat it this way"! Anyway over the years I  have learned to make dry, fluffy version of upma and  enjoy it too. The secret lies in dry roasting the rava and cooking it with right amount of water.  There are many different versions of rava upma some people add vegetables in them some even add turmeric to it but I just enjoy the simple rava upma. And rava upma is generally eaten with kadala curry, chicken curry or with some banna's or steamed plantains mashed in to it. I like it best with sugar. However its wholesome and makes a quick breakfast or a snack too.

 Rava upma recipe



  • As I said the secret lies in dry roasting the rava never let it change colour or become burnt.
  • If you enjoy the soft gooey version double the quantify of water mentioned in the recipe


  1. Your upma looks perfect! Inspired by your post I realised I have not cooked rava for some time, this week I made rava dosa and rava idli (kanchivaram idli) both of these were an instant success with mom and dad! Woo hoo

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