Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kadala Curry

Kadala curry / or the black kabuli channa  curry has a unique and distinctive taste and flavour very unique to Kerala.
Kadala curry is made with desi channa / chick peas or kala chana or dark variety of kabuli channa also known as kadala in south India.  Its a spicy dish made with roasted masala's whose flavours are subdued down with fresh coconut milk. The kadala curry is traditionally served during breakfast and its eaten with almost most of the breakfast dishes like puttu, idiyappams, upma, appam, chappati and goes well even with bread. However the unbeatable combo is kadala curry and puttu. A very popular breakfast combination served all over  Kerala. Puttu with kadala curry is truly an irresistible dish, divine and scrumptious to taste.

At home here in Singapore we eat kadala curry with puttu or upma mostly. And it happens to be a part of our weekend breakfast. My husband loves the black chana and both my brats love eating it too I always reserve some for them before adding it to the curry. My favourite part is the coconut bits in the curry I just gather all of them on one side of my plate and prefer eating them at the end.  Here is the recipe for some delicious finger licking and protein packed kadala curry to kick start your day, recipe source is my mom. My mom uses fresh ground coconut but I prefer using coconut milk.

Kadala Curry/ Black Channa/ Black chick peas curry recipe:


  • Take care not to burn the masala while roasting. Tip: to avoid burning cook on low flame and keep mixing or just add a table spoon of water and roast untill oil gives out. This step is quite critical to obtain the right flavours of the curry.
  • The balck channa/ kadala needs to be soaked for atleast 4-5 hours  preferably overnight before being cooked.
  • I used store bought coconut milk. Brand: Kara
  • The coconut bits while tempering are optional.


  1. Wonderful Shibi.. Thanks a lot for bringing the coconut milk dimension to it. I have always wondered how to bring the traditional Kerala taste that I get to eat whenever I go to my inlaw's place. Will try this version for sure.

  2. Thanks let me know how it turns out.


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