Thursday, May 30, 2013

Vazhakka erissery

Kerala is the land of coconuts and no sadhya or  feast is complete without coconuts. Coconut are used  in both savoury and sweet dishes. 
Todays recipe is not about coconuts however you will definitely find coconut in most of my recipes. Like coconuts raw plantains are also widely used in Kerala cuisine and there are so many different ways of cooking them in curries, as sweets and chips. Plantain chips are the potato chips of Kerala. Anybody's trip to Kerala is not complete if they don't bring back a bag of plantain chips.

Erissery, is a must for a onam meal its usually made with butternut squash and red beans, my favourite eriserry is what my mom makes with raw plantains that are cooked with ground coconut , cumin and chilles and temperd with coconut oil. Its used as an accompaniment for rice and its best eaten with some fried papadum .The simple yet traditional flavours are very comforting and satisfying. If you like plantains then this recipe is a must try! You might just be surprised by its flavour and don't forget the padums its a must have and makes you keep coming back for more.

Vazhakka Erissery (Raw plantain curry) recipe:


  • Keep the cut plantain immersed in water for sometime . This helps in removing the stickiness of the plantain.
  • You can replace green chillies with dry red chillies.

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