Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Fruit Cake / Kerala Christmas Cake


The past few weeks at home have been really busy. I have changed jobs , and my new job is  a bit far from home and I am spending lesser time with my kids these days. And these changes have made them a bit cranky at home and school. Praying and hoping that it changes with time.
And my good friend Megha has passed me the Liebster award my very first blog award and I haven’t had the time to blog about it yet!  However Christmas is here and our shopping is all done. And the baking also has begun yes today I baked a bunch of Christmas cakes for home and friends. The entire house was smelling divine and my little darling daughter Adhya could not resist and had to have a piece even before the cake cooled down! The Christmas cake is adhya’s favourite actually everybody’s favourite at home and is often baked at our house during special occasions.
Back home our Christmas morning always started with a piece of Christmas cake from church after mass and then papa bought a Christmas cake from Nazeema bakery for us to cut at home and distribute among friends. I don’t remember my mom baking a Christmas fruit cake..I guess my sister does. All I remember was that we bought it from the bakery every time and dad always placed large orders from the bakery during Christmas to distribute among his office friends. And no matter who visited during Christmas always bought home a Christmas fruit cake. And we never grew tired of it!  And today while eating a cake that is home baked I always think about those store bought cakes and what we had to settle for taste! Although the cake was store bought my mom used to make achappams, diamond cuts and ari unda. As much as I loved fruit cakes, I could not thinking of celebrating Christmas without my mom’s delicious goodies for Christmas. Even though I am miles away from home, I am doing my best I can to make some memories for my children here at home in Singapore!  While speaking to my mom today I told her that I was baking the cake and she was soo happy and a few minutes later my sister calls her and tells her the same thing and she was so frustrated saying that her two daughter are baking a fruit cake and she and dad have to settle for a store bought one! But my mom and dad do not know that I have saved some soaked fruits to bake a special cake for them when they vist me..And it will soon find its way on my blog too!
Here is a faithful recipe for a Christmas fruit cake also called a Kerala plum cake adapted from here and there that has never failed my expectations ever since I started baking. And here is the link to soaking the mixed fruits for the Kerala Christmas cake. “Merry Christmas to all my readers and stay blessed this beautiful season”!

Christmas fruits cake/ Kerala plum cake  recipe:


Notes :

 1. Care should be taken while making the caramel as it can cause serious burns.

2. You can use caraway seeds -1/2 tsp I personally do not like the flavour in the cake and I don’t use them

3. I used McCormick spice powders; you can make your own too from whole spices.

4. If you have left over alcohol (about 1tbsp) from the soaked fruits you can add them to the cake before baking or after baking just pour them on top of the cake while still warm.

5. I used an 8 inch round tin and made 12 cup cakes too with the above said quantity. My cupcakes were done I about 30- 35 minutes.

6. The cake needs to rest at room temperature for atleast two days before eating. It can be stored at room temperature in an air tight container for 2 weeks.

"Merry Christmas"!!


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