Friday, August 23, 2013

ButterscotchTutti-Frutti Pull Apart Bread

Weekends are fun time for our kids, our family enjoys many weekend picnics we cannot afford weekend getaways and long vacations often with our two toddlers. However we enjoy many many outings to parks, playgrounds, nature centers, beaches, water park, zoo and gardens provided the weather and health of the little ones are good.
Speaking of health year 2013 is not a good year in terms of health. It’s the 3rd time this year that our son Alan had to be rushed to the emergency and be admitted to the hospital. He was suffering from a common cold and had some breathing difficulties. The common cold might sound very simple but in Alan’s case it gets worse and he needs immediate medical help. We have gone through all this many times but none of the previous experiences help and you are all nerves when you see your baby suffering. This explains my absence from blogging also.

 Well by god’s grace all is back to normal and last week we had a rather short visit to the Singapore flyer. However their  favorite is always the beach. I am always thankful to places that allow outside food. Bringing our own food is definitely healthier than the pricey fast food selections at most of the attraction sites. With so many picnics and outings, I'm always trying to improvise our snack options. The tutti-frutti and butterscotch pull apart beard is one such recipe that you and your kids will love.

I usually make a savory version with Italian spices (minus the butterscotch and tutti-fruti) also however the kids enjoy the butterscotch and  tutti-frutti version . Along with the tutti-frutti I also added some raisins as Alan loves raisin's. The recipe for the basic bread is adapted from a book that I borrowed from the library quite some time back and the butterscotch recipe is from my friend Megha's blog. My kids simply loved the date cake with the butterscotch sauce that she had got when she visited us. However I have only made the butterscotch sauce and all of us totally love it, It goes well all by itself and on ice creams too! So I thought why not try it on a bread and it came out really well. Its simple colorful and flavorful than the routine sandwich and kids will definitely enjoy!


Butterscotch And Tutti-Frutti Pull Apart Bread Recipe:

Butterscotch sauce recipe:

Notes :

  •  If you don't have tutti-frutti you can add raisins.
  • You can use the Hershey's butterscotch sauce if you dont want to make your own.
  • The bread is best eaten the day its made (believe me it will be all gone the minute you open the box).It is really soft and you don't need to pack a knife you can just pull each slice apart. (as the name suggest)
  • The final texture of the butterscotch sauce should be thick enough to coat a spoon . 


  1. Poor lil' one ... I hope he's doing well now.
    Tutti frutti bread looks delicious ... Love the clicks!

  2. Thanks dhivya ..He's back to normal now !


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